Shipping methods

Shipping cost DHL courier delivers purchases in Italy only COUNTRY UP TO SHIPPING COSTS Italy Up to 90,00 € 9,00 € Italy More than 90,00 € Free shipping EU Countries Up to 500,00 € 35,00 € EU Countries More than  500,00 € Free shipping Extra EU Countries Up to 650,00 € 50,00 € Extra EU Countries More than 650,00 € Free shipping Shipping terms From the moment the order shipping time is the following:
ITALY: 2 / 5 working days
UE COUNTRIES: 4 / 9 working days

All deliveries are made and guaranteed by DHL courier.
All orders are delivered from monday to friday.
Shipping needs the signature at the moment of the delivery.
The customer is kindly requested to supply a reliable address where the goods must be delivered.
The customer is kindly requested to timelessy indicate a change of address.
Once the shipping has departed it is impossible to change the delivery address.
Eventual delivery delays superior to 10 days must be promptly signaled to the following adress: Shipping status The customer will receive a waybill number through which he will be able to check the shipping status at the following: and insertering the aforementioned code in the appropiate field. Receipt of the goods In order to guarantee the shipment safety, the courrier asks for the signature for recipit of the customer at the moment of delivery. without it delivery is impossible.
If at the moment of the delivery, the external appearance of the box, seems altered, the customers has to open the box in front of the courier. we suggest you to check the goods at the moment of delivery and to verify that the quantity of the delivered goods is the one you ordered.
Eventual problems must be written on the courrier bill.
Eventual problems regarding the delivery must be promptly signaled via e mail at: and anyway no more than 15 days after delivery.
If the box is damaged we suggest you refuse the delivery otherwise you must indiacte on the delivery bill that you are accepting a damaged box.
Luciana Boutique use a white customised sell tape with a black logo.
Once the goods have been delivered to the customer, the goods are not guaranteed anymore.